HMI. The value of customisation,
the multisectorial experience

Our product portfolio offers the best solution for every possible and imaginable HMI application.

Tastitalia Srl

We are the link bringing together man and technology:

from simple displays to the most innovative capacitive touch screens, we find and realise custom technologically advanced solutions without limiting ideas and design to our projects.
We have a wide range of skills, products and solutions able to satisfy the widest and most demanding market.

Customisation at the center of attention

Tailor-made products and services, customization abilities in different industries.
We support our customers by providing our experience in mechanical, electronic and graphic co-design of the interfaces.

Each product is a standalone project that must satisfy the needs of our partners ensuring functionality, aesthetics and durability, in compliance with the regulations in the field of application.

Unparalleled Technologies
and Processes Portfolio

From the Concept to the Semifinished products.
Multisectorial Experience, problem solving in every situation, reliability and guarantee of the result.
We can supply the single component or the simple manufacturing, what makes us truly different on the market is our expertise to deliver complex articles enclosing different technologies, already assembled, tested and plug & play.


Pioneering vision of completely open minds to every innovation. We have always been focusing on the human resources development and teamwork.
We select, hire and integrate the resources in our organization evaluating the specific skills and potentialities.
We continually invest on safety at work. The human and professional growth represents an essential element for the company evolution and growth.


Cutting-edge skills, constantly evolving multidisciplinary expertise, concrete and constant investments in R&D. We offer customers an immense knowledge base, cutting-edge skills and significant technologies. We aim to be the sole reference, the partner who brings substantial added value and contributes to the innovation of the companies who use our services.


For an eco-sustainable environment

We are a zero-impact company, always sensitive to environmental issues and the well-being of its employees. Our business model is green-oriented and requires constant and continuous investment in alternative energies.

Today, our beliefs are guaranteed by the use of energy from renewable sources obtained from a photovoltaic system of about 222 Kw and from a green supply.

Code of Ethics
Tastitalia and Lifco

Innovation, ethics and integrity are the pillars on which Tastitalia has founded its corporate culture, giving life to a system of values that supports relations with customers, suppliers, commercial and industrial partners. Developing solutions in the field of human-machine interfaces allows us to improve people’s private and professional lives on a daily basis, constantly seeking new growth opportunities in the name of economic, social and environmental sustainability, with special attention to the territories in which we operate.

Tastitalia is part of the Lifco group since 2020 and with which it shares the Code of Conduct. Everyone in the company is required to comply with the Business Conduct Guidelines: board, employees, permanent and temporary collaborators. Each person actively participates to create a healthy, responsible and open work environment, spreading their values to external partners and emphasizing professional skills regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, political beliefs or disability, as required by the sustainable development goals based on the Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Global Compact, the ILO Principles of Labor Rights and on the OECD guidelines for multinational companies.

The Code of Conduct of the Lifco group integrates with the principles in our Code of Ethics adopted in 2017 pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.