We design and develop HMI technologies
for all the fields of application

We offer targeted expertise for every industry, advanced technological equipment and customised product lines.
But it’s the multi-sector experience and the overall view that intuitively search and find the best solution.

Aerospace Marine Medical Industrial Automotive Household Appliances Ho.re.ca Defence

The value of customisation, the multisectorial experience.

Tailor-made products and services, unparalleled customisation capabilities.
We have a wide range of skills, products and solutions able to satisfy the widest and the most demanding market.

Our added value:
the R&D team

Cutting-edge expertise, multidisciplinary experience in constant evolution, concrete and constant and investments in R&D. Pioneering vision of open minds to anything new. We always aim at the human resources development and teamwork.

Green philosophy. We are a zero-impact company
and have been always sensitive to the environmental themes and the welfare of our employees.

Tastitalia has always been recognised as a frontrunner regarding renewable energy initiatives being one of the first to invest in solar technology and other forms of renewable energy resources.
We are pleased to announce that we have recently been presented with the prestigious GO (Guarantee of Origin) certification, for the 100% use of renewable energy at our plant. In addition to the self-produced energy guaranteed by our photovoltaic system of about 220 Kw, Tastitalia has recently agreed with its electricity partner to supply electricity exclusively produced from renewable sources.

Wide range of technologies
beyond compare.

From the Concept to the semifinished. Multidisciplinary expertise, problem solving, reliability and product warranty.

We can supply the single component or the simple manufacturing, but what make us truly different on the market is our expertise to deliver complex articles enclosing different technologies, already assembled, tested and plug&play.

Cleanroom Class

All the reliability of an ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY enters ONE room.
Room with controlled humidity and atmosphere and with microparticles dust pollution equal to zero.

A technology that only a handful of companies in Europe can carry out.
In our cleanroom, we can achieve a FULL adhesion between the display and the capacitive sensor, physically eliminating the formation of vapours and dust between the two components.

At the same time, greater colour contrast and better visibility are obtained, nullifying any annoying internal reflections.