Robustness and durability are the cornerstone of this sector

From the design phase, our solutions aim to eliminate maintenance work and simplify the activity for those who focus daily on production.

Our solutions for the Industrial industry

Technologies / Products
  • Membrane switches on flexible circuit and polyamide, on rigid circuit (PCBAs), with polyester overlay or with silicone keys
  • Custom Resistive Touch Screens laminated with graphic overlay and Haptic technology (Tasthaptic®)
  • Custom capacitive touch screen and haptic technology (Tasthaptic®)
  • Capacitive keypad with and without backlighting
  • Keypads with Piezo Technology
  • Complete custom capacitive HMI and display, metal plate or plastic support for assembly, control board and communication interface

End-user applications

  • Plastic moulding machines
  • 3-D printing machines
  • CNC machines
  • Industrial Robot
  • Power controllers
  • Devices for industrial automation


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