Where efficiency and resistance must provide
the greatest potentiality

Reliable and robust interfaces able to cope with the most difficult environments.

Our Solutions for the defence industry

Technologies / Products
  • Membrane switches on flexible circuit and polyamide, on rigid circuit (PCBAs), with polyester overlay or with silicone keys
  • Custom resistive touch screens laminated with graphic overlay and Haptic technology (Tasthaptic).
  • Custom capacitive Touch Screen and haptic technology (Tasthaptic)
  • Optical bonding between the display and the touch screen
  • High-efficiency Backlighting systems with fiber optics or leds or custom diffusers
  • Rugged displays complete with injection moulded plastic case, control board and communication system

End-user applications

  • Armoured land Vehicles
  • Naval armoured vehicles
  • Military Helicopters
  • Wearable devices
  • Defence and communication systems


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