Quality and quantity combined with a continuous technological challenge

Technological Innovation, high performance solutions ensuring compliance with all the applicable industry regulations.

Our solutions for the Automotive industry

Technologies / products
  • Screen-printed and thermoformed instrument panel and dashboards
  • Membrane switches on flexible circuit, on rigid circuit (PCBAs), silicone keys or plastic caps, integrated potentiometers or encoders
  • Custom Capacitive touch screens and Haptic technology (Tasthaptic®)
  • Optical bonding between display and touch screen
  • Capacitive keypads with ITO technology, with nanosilver technology and integrated control driver
  • Controls realized with IMD technology (in Mould Decoration)
  • Custom complete HMI module with display and capacitive touch screen, controller board, communication protocol and dedicated firmware
  • High-efficiency Backlighting systems with fiber optics or led and custom diffusers.

End-user applications

  • Passenger cars or special editions
  • Motorcycles
  • Earth-moving machinery
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Special Purpose Vehicules


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